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5 Bands to Watch Out for This Summer

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Check out the following bands to diversify your summer tunes!

1. Moose Blood

Self described as “four friends drinking coffee and writing songs,” Moose Blood hails from Canterbury, Kent (England). With three EPs and a split album under their belt, they have already embarked upon a journey of bringing in many fans. The band is currently signed to No Sleep Records, and after only being a band for two years, have released an impressive album. They have have toured with Major League, Dads and Appleseed Cast. Expect to see them mending hearts through every song.

2. Jule Vera

Though only starting their band two years ago and already signed to Pure Noise Records, Jule Vera is already on the road to success. Opelika, Alabama native Ansley Newman has such an aura that holds the rest of the band together. On stage, the band has an arrangement of keyboards, bass and guitars while still hammering out great vocals. After shows, Jule Vera is always eager to meet new fans and sign autographs. With their honest lyrics, motivation to be fully dedicated to their fans and an entire album produced, Jule Vera is only getting started.

3. Baby Baby

At any given venue, you might catch the members of Georgia band Baby Baby strolling around. When it comes to Baby Baby, you are faced with the juxtaposition of either liking or hating their music. The musical content they release is not meant to be taken seriously because it feels as if they desire to make everyone happy. Their music is described in their autobiography as the holy matrimony between Swedish Punk and Bayou Rock. Expect to see them at Warped Tour, AfroPunk and the Made In America tour.

4. Trophy Eyes

Hailing from Newcastle, Australia, Trophy Eyes formed in 2013 after their release of their “Everything Goes Away” EP. Since their start, the band has embraced the do it yourself idea, ultimately creating a vision for the band. On the band’s latest album “Mend, Move On,” they created their most polarizing body of work. How they’ll top that album is anyone’s guess, but I’m more than excited to see them try.


PVRIS’s biography on Spotify describes the band as a blend of dreamy electronica work with a beat-heavy feel. That description only scratches the surface of how substantial PVRIS is. The lead singer of PVRIS, Lyndsey Gunnulfsen was the head of the first female-fronted band to be signed to Rise Records. So far, PVRIS  has captivated the attention of thousands of fans due to their infectious sound at Warped Tour, Leads Festival, Reading Festival, and the Canterbury Park.

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