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Love is Blind What is love? Is it blind, blurry, or crystal clear? Well, that’s what Netflix’s “Love is Blind” seeks to answer. Now in its sixth season, the show challenges singles to develop emotional connections with each other and get engaged to be married, all before seeing them in person. It starts with participants…

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You would think after decades of boundary-pushing art from figures like Lil Kim, Trina, and Madonna, there wouldn’t be much backlash to music about sexual desires or politics. However, people react with skepticism to boundary-pushing media with many claiming these figures are harming the youth or have ulterior motives to their art. Read on
Despite rampant issues with the trailer, the thing that surprised me the most was the number of viewers upset that the film has gone too “woke.” My social media feeds, classrooms, and discussions among friends have been awash with overwhelmingly out-of-touch social commentary, made increasingly apparent by the new “Mean Girls” trailer of all things.  Read on