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Say Hello to the VOXcast: Atlanta’s Teen Podcast

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Welcome to the teaser of the pilot episode of the VOXcast!

Teen Staffers Haley Henderson, Khalil Shipman, Kenneth Franklin, Mack Walker and Keana Martin-Sanders (in addition to adult support from WABE’s very own Molly Samuel) are working tirelessly to edit, produce and complete this podcast. The staffers think that podcasts are becoming more popular especially among teens. This podcast includes different segments — from music and movie reviews  to special guest interviews.

In this first episode, we talk everything from Kendrick Lamar’s new album, Netflix’s new controversial series “13 Reasons Why,” throwback movies as well as new movie releases, and more! So, take a break from reading and listen — click our photo/Soundcloud below. And check back in for the finished pilot soon!

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Haley, 14,  Khalil, 16,  Kenneth, 16, Mack, 14, and Keana, 19, came together from different schools and parts of the ATL to create this new forum for teen voice. 

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