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I am a human.

I am an independent student, a visionary,

A feminine writer, driven and smart.

Some would say I am “passionate.” I would say I am “outspoken.”

I am a Caribbean sister, an American student of Indian descent.

I am a black woman, an introverted feminist of Jamaican descent.

I am biracial and proud to be so.

I am a lover, not a fighter,

A strong caregiver.

I am a kind male…who stays silent, a son.

I would say I am “simple, but caring.”

Short but not helpless.

A man full of emotion.

I am black, but I am not a criminal.

I am a straight woman, the “mediator” in my family when things are not straight.

I am a bisexual woman, capable of learning. I am not confused.

I am gay. I am lesbian.

I am a believer of God, a Christian liberal.

I am spiritual, but not religious.

I am an atheist, an athletic progressive, but I am not without morals.

I am wandering to find myself.

I am a teen traveler, a curious activist…a Georgian.

I am a musician, a reflective business person.

I feel myself constantly growing.

I am young and short, but a creative “old soul.”

I am anxious about my future, but I do not stop vocalizing my truths.

Mostly importantly, I am an imaginative, fluid, accepting, loving and ever-changing human

Who needs someone to understand that I cannot be boxed.


Christian, a 19-year-old college sophomore, collected the phrases/identities in this poem from many different VOX teen staffers.

Contributors: Billaé Blanding, Jolisa Brown, Thalia Butts, Amariyah Callendar, Jason Crichton, Ameerah DeChabert, Victoria Diaz, Cedric Derrico, Haley Henderson, Maya Martin, Miranda Mullins, Khalil Shipman, Caliph Riley, Keana Martin-Sanders, Kayla Smith, Zola Sullivan, Zachari Tellez, Holyn Thigpen, Avanti Upad, Mack Walker


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