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Atlanta teens share their thoughts and feelings on the deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, and Breonna Taylor as well as speak about the Atlanta protests and how teens can implement change in a positive way. Read on
Teens created this PSA to illustrate how stressful quarantining can be, especially when tasked with learning via video conferencing. Isolation and stress are major mental health problem. Read on
Although most of my life has come to a halt, the Strong Women Fellowship and VOX ATL continued to keep me connected, one Zoom call at a time.  Read on
Keeping up with school assignments can be difficult and cause stress while at home. To help with health and productivity, VOX ATL staff writer Bria Brown shares what has helped her and gives tips and resources. In addition to the above video, read further insight below.  Get Enough Sleep I understand how tempting it is…

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Today's #VOXQUARANTEEN ROUTINE episode features Isabella walking us through her morning routine to set up a good day. Read on
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On today's #VOXquaranTEEN Routine, Christina shows the importance of setting up a desk space to get schoolwork done. Read on
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