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VOX ATL teen reporters Bria and Isabella went to the 20th annual Latin American Association's Latin Youth Leadership Conference and asked teens a series of questions. Read on
VOX ATL visited Tri-Cities High School to host a self-expression workshop around this semester's VOX Investigates topic "Equity in Education." Here's what a couple of teens had to say about standardized tests. Read on
As a part of our ongoing “VOX Investigates: Equity in Education” coverage, the Latin American Association invited our community facilitators to Cross Keys High School to lead a workshop on educational equity. Here's what teens had to say. Read on
As a part of VOX Investigates coverage on "Equity In Education," reporters Isabella and Tibria went out to ask people their opinion on Special Education Programs. Read on
VOX ATL’s annual Homecoming fundraiser was one to remember. We inducted six new members into our Hall of Fame for their dedicated service to our mission over the years. Check out the video to see what new VOX teen HOFers Chris Jordan, Jasmine Martin, Lyric Eschoe and long time supporters Sonia Murray and Scott Woelfel…

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VOX ATL’s Vanessa Garcia sat down with the Creator/CEO Brylan Kerr of Studio 37, on the heels of their next big show to discuss the culture and the future behind this phenomenon. Read on