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Co-hosted by VOX ATL and Silence the Shame, 10 teens came together this summer to learn about podcasting and to discuss their experiences and observations on how social media affects how we see and feel about ourselves.They chose to discuss self-love in the age of social media. Read on
Gen Z, the generation teased for our sensitivity and told to get over ourselves. But does our sensitivity make us crybabies or just more aware? Read on
In the latest episode of "What Was The Reason" our host Paige is joined by special guest Z'Rena to break down Vladimir Putin's war efforts in Ukraine and his conflicts with the United States. Read on
In this episode of "What Was the Reason" your host Paige breaks down what's been going on between billionaire Elon Musk and his on-again, off-again purchase of social media platform Twitter. Read on
In this episode of Teens Talk TV, VOX ATL Summer Interns Zariah and Zariyah rank the main characters of ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’. To follow along with us, check out the tier list maker at this link. Read on
This podcast is filled with everything Teen and everything Real. In this podcast three teen girls Ila-Rose, Paige, and Emmanuella sit and talk about everything that we as teens experience and can grow from. We will talk about the truth about relationships at our age to mindfulness or self-awareness. Our goal is to connect with…

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