Educators’ Guide

“What’s your ‘secret’ to teen engagement?” 

 Visitors to VOX ATL have been asking for ideas to increase youth voice and engagement in their classes and programs.

We have always brought self-expression workshops to teens in partnership with schools and organizations, and recently we’ve been offering trainings for staff of youth-development organizations as well. 

Now, we can do even more by sharing interactive, “VOXy” learning activities for use wherever teens are meeting and learning with free, teacher-created Lesson Guides

Each VOX ATL Lesson Guide* is full of hands-on activities that use teens’ published content for exploring critical issues and developing skills aligned with Georgia’s Department of Education Standards of Excellence and Afterschool & Youth Development Quality Standards

Our Guide was co-created by educators from GSU’s College of Education & Human Development MACIE program, using VOX ATL’s highly interactive program model and commitment to authentic youth voice. 

Thank you for being our partner as Guides on the Side with teens! 

*Downloadable VOX ATL Lesson Guides 


VOX SEL Toolkit 2023
SEL Is Social-Emotional Learning
VOX SEL Toolkit 2023 for creating a vibe and creative spaces that nurtures authenticity, creativity and courteous self-expression. 



VOX ATL’s Educator’s Guide offers interactive (“VOXy”) lesson plans for engaging teens in hands-on learning, no matter where they are. 
2021 Lesson Guide
  • Full Summer & Back-to-School 2021 Lesson Guide (Here you’ll find complete lesson plans focused on themes of identity, mental health and social-emotional development, coping with the Covid-19 pandemic, and more.) 
    Special thanks to Tram Nguyen and A. Posey for their collaboration on the Spring & Summer 2021 Lesson Guide.
2020 Lesson Guides

*This Educators’ Guide is supported in part by our work with the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities.
This material is the work of VOX ATL and does not necessarily reflect the views of the GA DBHDD.


VOX ATL’s story brainstorming and “solid v sketchy” media literacy workshop at North Springs High School, February 2023