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A scare this fall at a metro area football game and incidents like Thursday's school shooting in Santa Clarita, Calif., has Atlanta teens thinking and worrying more about gun violence. Read on
"We all wish that the world was good enough to not have to interact with the police, but we likely will at one point in our life. Stay safe by cooperating and just being the bigger person." Read on
"One thing I noticed about the cast — it was mostly made up of people of color. It felt great to look up on the stage and see people that looked like me." Read on
VOX ATL writer Jasmine Martin gives advice on how to find your style and feel confident with your look! Read on
"West knows exactly what he is doing by hosting his Sunday Services and making an album about Jesus. He’s branding himself as a man of god as a way to get his fans to collectively forget about all of the bad things he's done, even though he’s showed no signs of having changed for the better." Read on
Watching Glinda whiz across the stage while singing was unforgettable. I felt like a little girl watching a Disney princess in real life. Read on