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VOX ATL alum Beth Z. checks in to give an honest point of view of what life after high school is really like. She says "it's been both better and worse." Read on
VOX ATL teen staff reporter Tiffany Pham discusses the impact of socioeconomic backgrounds when navigating the college admissions process. Read on
She was lying, half her body draped across me. She seemed to know so much. Maybe it’s because She was  right. She felt heavy on my chest, and I couldn’t breathe well.  Read on
VOX ATL alum Destine Manson shares her story of what life has been like since going away to college. Read on
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Set during the Civil War, the four sisters in "Little Women" have adventures that show their views of the world, ones that are different than the average woman. Read on
VOX ATL's Tibria Jackson speaks on how too many unqualified teachers taking "safe" jobs are negatively impacting high school students. Read on