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The last season took a look at Steven and what's he's like at almost 17 — heartbroken and struggling to figure out who he is. It was insanely relatable. Read on
In this really confusing time, a lot of us (myself included) may feel really lost, anxious, or hopeless about a few things while in quarantine. Here a few of my personal tips that have been making me feel better the more I practice them. Read on
"Being a former online student, I’ve mastered the many ways of defeating boredom and temporarily ignoring reality all from the comfort of home." Read on
"Many of us were excited for our parents and others to see us walk across the graduation stage, but instead we are left walking in the dark amidst a global pandemic." Read on
VOX ATL teen reporter Zariah Taylor spoke with teens from all over the Metro Atlanta area to get their thoughts on switching to virtual classrooms. Read on
"I believe everyone on earth has a purpose and that purpose isn’t to be homeless or on the streets," writes Westlake High School senior and Team 12 founder Timeaus Hill. Read on