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Thinking about going to Shaky Knees Festival this year? VOX ATL teen reporter Hunter has some bands he thinks you should check out! Read on
My mother is a baker, a young, bubbly baker, Her and her twin sister skip down the paved roads. all the way to the grocery store only a couple quarters in her pocket. In a simple exchange, she places them on the counter and returns home with a box of Bisquick. Her eyes scan each…

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After researching and reporting on the "Not-So-Secret Private School to Top 40 University Pipeline" for VOX ATL, I wrote this advice piece to encourage other public school students like myself. Read on
I disagree with the widely-accepted idea that students from private high schools are simply better candidates in the eyes of top universities. I spoke with students from both public and private high schools, and a former high school college counselor to learn more about this apparent private school to Ivy League university pipeline. Read on
VOX ATL teen staff member and Westlake High School student Josie Leigh asked some of her classmate "What Is Love?" She got a lot of different answers. Read on
Just before Act Two, I sat down to mentally prepare myself for Alvin Ailey's iconic “Revelations.” There was no way I could’ve adequately done so. Read on