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VOX Media Cafe 2015 – Week Two

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During this week of VMC, the teens have started producing their videos for their final media packages. With assistance from our great volunteers, each of the four groups have brainstormed ideas, narrowed a topic, solidified sources, conducted interviews, and have gone into the field to film. The VMC participants are in four different groups that are producing content on the following topics: police brutality, celebrity influence on young men, homelessness in Atlanta, and the double standards boys and girls face.

On Monday, the groups got team names, discussed topics, and then started researching their topics. They reviewed interviewing and how to approach people, how to organize interviews, and how to get the angle they needed.

Tuesday was the start of their field research. They went out, conducted interviews with professional sources, shot B-roll, recorded MOS (Man On The Street) interviews, and came back to begin logging their footage to prepare for editing on Thursday.

Wednesday was a continuation of the work on Tuesday. The groups scheduled more interviews with experts on their topics and they ventured off to acquire more B-Roll, MOS interviews, and content for their media packages. They came back and imported the content and some groups began a little editing with their adult volunteers.

The work the teens are doing now is extremely impressive and their journalistic skills have blossomed dramatically. I look forward to seeing the final products next Friday!

You can check out the finished products of the June session by visiting our VOX Media Cafe page here.

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