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Art by Cayla Lamar

VOX Teen Poetry: “Human”

by share

Neither inferior nor superior, we are all equal
Though we are all unique, the path to success for others is far
I don’t understand
I mean, don’t we sleep under the same stars.
It’s puzzling as to why
I mean, don’t we sleep under the same sky
Years of cries for unity and cries for peace
Tears I cry for peace and for unity
I weep for the Earth
I cry for you and me
I speak in the tongues of English
And dwell in the land of the West
I think in my melanin
No better than the rest
Ask again, and I’ll tell you
Despite the pigmentation, or colonization
I say with no hesitation
That we all breathe this air, and inhabit this planet the same
We are all humans on this world
And humans we’ll remain.

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