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The Birth of an Education [POETRY]

by share

When I was 15 I learned about an all time great American film: the birth of a Nation
In that I was taught the perils of poor education
The matriculation of segregation… and how it all starts with what youth’s minds are fed
See, at the break of dawn our young minds awaken,
I see education as the food that nourishes these minds
A rich tapestry woven with diverse threads,
Yet shadows linger where ignorance resides.
In the quiet whispers of history’s pages,
The birth of notions flawed stir up segregation,
An imprint remains, a stain on the canvas of time,
We see the cycles of oppression begin to hasten
Yet within these halls, in the abode of our minds
Lies the potential to unravel this corrupting cycle,
If we teach the young new values: equity, justice, maybe we may grow
Maybe you and I, every bright mind sitting in this room
Can provide some better nourishment for the next to come out the womb
Oppression’s tendrils come out to intertwine,
Planting seeds of prejudice and hate among these minds
Yet when we set our own roots a different tale unfolds
We can set our own tone.
In this space, we can plant seeds of compassion
Every heart, regardless of hue or creed,
Deserves a voice, a space to grow and dream
In our teachings, in our shared beliefs,
Lie the foundations of a fairer world for you and for me
We must blend our voices in a chorus of advocacy,
With echoes of justice reverberating through time,
In the cultivation of minds, in the lessons we impart,
We carve a path to a future more just and more kind.
Education, a force that transcends confines.
In its embrace, we build ourselves a world aligned
Where every heart sets apart a place to shine,
I wonder what you think of this vision of mine?

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