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Artwork by Kimberly Bryant

VOX Teen Poetry: ‘Brown Eyes’

by share

Look at their eyes

They’re staring back at you

On the verge of tears

Afraid their blood will smear, the cement 

Black, more than a color

It’s a feeling, a lifestyle; a target

They’ve picked on the pigmentation that picked and plucked, till their hands bled

Was it really centuries ago?

Those Brown Eyes

Never lied, but stayed true

Always watching fro and to

Watching as their brothers fall

I’s tired, wanna shut my eyes: blinded

By injustice, a country not seeded in liberty

No justice for all

Shifting back and forth

There was hope in their pupils

Anger in their iris

Wet brown eyes 

With a full view of hate

No sign of of common sense

Eyes so dark, from a distance they look black

Seen so much, but the sight of a way out is what I lack

I weep with…

These brown eyes

Those brown eyes

They’re brown eyes

Our brown eyes

Your brown eyes

My brown eyes

Never lie, Brown Eyes


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