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Collage by Imani Randolph

VOX Teen Poetry: “A New Beginning”

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Are you happy yet?
Is everything going your way?
Are you satisfied with life?

The smile on your face says you are
But your soul is telling me otherwise
Don’t be surprised.

Keeping calm with everyone else but
Yourself, you despise.
Using every coping mechanism and

Being fed lies, time flies, you soon
Come to realize that nobody cares
How many tears you’ve cried,

How hurt you are inside, so you hide.
Hidden from the world and it’s cruel
Behavior, hidden from your friends

Who would always do you that solid favor, who’d be there when you was broken, the ones who’d be there for anything, you was hoping.
Look, there’s no point of moping

Things will turn around,
You’re going to fine, lift your head off the ground.

Honey you’re a king fix crown

Roll with the punches, keep it
Moving don’t let them get you down
You stand loud and proud even if you’re all alone

Don’t worry about the people who are now gone, you remain focus and stay headstrong

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  1. Sb

    Breathtaking!!! So raw and open!!!