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#VOXVAX: Doctors, COVID Experts Answer Teens’ Questions About COVID-19 Vaccine [AUDIO]

Atlanta teens had questions about the COVID-19 vaccines, and in this episode of the #VOXVAX podcast series VOX ATL Special Projects Editor Daya Brown got answers from experts.

Listen in as she talks with Dr. Theresa Jacobs, Chief Medical Director at the Georgia Family Planning System, and Dr. Saadia Khizer, Vaccine Trials Unit Director at the Morehouse School of Medicine, to hear their answers to teen-submitted questions and separate myths from facts about the COVID-19 vaccine.

Justice Seekers EP. 7: The Importance Of Youth Mental Health

On this week’s episode, A’Marie and Sanjna have a detailed conversation about the importance of mental health for all students and why public schools need to be held accountable for offering services. Stream this week’s episode to learn about mental health is respect to academic validation, adolescent health, and overall youth behavior.

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Justice Seekers EP. 6: The Critical Race Theory, A Modern-Day Tool

In this week’s episode, Sanjna goes on to explain the critical race theory and its ramifications. She provides common myths of CRT and gives in-depth explanations on how these myths were created to harm others and talks about how racism, in general, can take a huge toll on one’s mental health. Steam this week’s episode on the VOX ATL website, SoundCloud, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify. See you next week!

Justice Seekers EP. 3: Performative Activism in Action [PODCAST]

This week on Justice Seekers, one of our co-hosts, Sanjna, dives deeper into internet activism and specific types such as “clicktivism” and PowerPoint activism. She also talks about past events like the 2021 Met Gala, Pride Month, and the BLM Protests of 2020. She covers multiple perspectives on how these acts of what seemed to be harmful ways to raise awareness, have hidden dangers that slow the movement for justice.