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“Growing up, my first bullying experience was in the first grade,” writes Tamara Morgan, 16. “I was the only black girl in my class and I was always getting bullied because I was darker than everybody else. I would get called names and some kids would even physically harm me. I was only six years old. I am fighting for Breonna the same way I would have wanted someone to fight for me when I was younger.” 

Opinion: As a Black Woman in America, I’m a Target. That’s Why I’m Speaking Out for Breonna Taylor

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Imagine coming home from a long day of work. You do whatever it is that you do to unwind. Then, you get ready for bed. Everything is calm and quiet. Until you hear a loud bang that knocked your door down and the next minute, you hear gunshots and before you have enough time to react, you have been shot with six bullets. 

Unfortunately, on March 13, that’s what happened to Breonna Taylor, 27, in her apartment with her boyfriend by the Louisville Police Department who came into her home not only with the wrong no-knock arrest warrant. As police broke in, Taylor’s boyfriend Kenneth Walker went to her defense with his own firearm shooting at whoever busted through his own door without warning. As I recall, the Second Amendment states that citizen have a right to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed. 

Wanton Endangerment

In September, two of the three Louisville cops who killed Breonna Taylor were not indicted or charged with anything. The only cop who was charged was Brett Hankinson and he was only charged for Wanton Endangerment who recklessly firing his weapon.

Crazy thing is, it wasn’t even for the bullets fired toward Breonna Taylor’s home. It was for firing into her pregnant neighbor’s apartment walls. Not actually charged for taking a Black woman’s life firing six bullets piercing into her chest, lung, arm and foot, including one that is a pulmonary artery connected to her heart, according to the Jefferson County Coroner’s Office report. 

Now, some people feel as if Breonna Taylor’s murder was completely justified because her ex-boyfriend was “involved in selling drugs.”  Neither is the case. Some closed-minded people just can’t wrap their minds around the fact that an innocent 27-year-old black woman was wrongfully killed in her own home. 

I Am A Target Everyday

As a black woman in America, I feel as though I am a target everyday. Simply because of the color of my skin. I took this case extremely hard because I can imagine it being one of my own sisters. 

Growing up, my first bullying experience was in the first grade. I was the only Black girl in my class and I was always getting bullied because I was darker than everybody else. I would get called names and some kids would even physically harm me. I was only six years old. 

I am fighting for Breonna the same way I would have wanted someone to fight for me when I was younger. 

Black Women are often among the most unprotected group of women on the planet. I took Breonna Taylor’s death so close to heart as if she had been my own sister. 

An “Accident”

It hurts me even more to know a grand jury has now ruled her death an “accident.” 

Following the grand jury report, angry protestors, disappointed protestors, protestors of every kind marched in Breonna Taylor’s name. We are now demanding that Kentucky Attorney Daniel Cameron release all body cam footage from that night along with all of the recordings of what happened in the courtroom with the grand jury. 

What Now?

So what do we do now? Now, we march in the name of Breonna Taylor. Not only Breonna Taylor, but many others killed by police brutality. We start by having hard conversations with family members and friends to tell her story more and more. 

We sign petitions to get the killers of Breonna Taylor — Louisville police officers Jonathan Mattingly, Brett Hankinson and Myles Cosgrove — arrested. 

We keep saying her name, along with many others who are victims of police brutality who deserve justice. 

Breonna Taylor and Breonna Taylor’s family did not deserve this pain. Her story needs to be told and never forgotten. BREONNA TAYLOR! BREONNA TAYLOR! BREONNA TAYLOR!

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  1. Coriana Middlebrooks

    This piece was so needed and to hear it from a young millennials perspective is amazing! Tamara you poured your heart out in this and I loved every word. We are going to keep fighting for Breonna Taylor!! Black Women Matter!

  2. Kiana

    What an exceptionally moving piece. Women of color are constantly being muted and marginalized by a government that refuses to see us as human. Our pain does not hurt. Our tears are not wet. Our cries…inaudible, completely strangled by the racist dog whistles drowning out their sound. We have to hear and see each other. We have to validate and support one another. Tamara Morgan is one voice out of many crying out in the wilderness of the “American Dream”. Keep up the good work Tamara. Keep sounding the alarm. Keep saying her name. We hear you. We see you.

  3. Sheryl Smith

    Wow! Tamara what a great job on this article. Your research and content included within this article was awesome! You write very well. Thanks for sharing! Justice for Breonna Taylor! We will continue to let our voice be heard!

  4. MeLisa

    I know that right. This is a very inspiring and very well job by our future journalist that will speak the truth. That will stand up for what is right and not call wrong right. Thank God I see our future is in good hands here. My God continue to Bless you and strengthen you to keep going. I am looking forward to your next article. Great Job Ms Morgan

  5. rose miller

    Tamara is a very gifted writer! She creates serious food for thought and is extremely focused at her age. Thanks for this expression of womanhood as we continue the struggle for justice