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Art by Nishthha Pandya

VOX Teen Poetry: “Burning Flames”

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Author’s Note: As we all know, forest fires have occurred worldwide due to certain anthropogenic activities. In 2020, deadly forest fires have been happening throughout the globe in places like the United States, Australia, and Syria. Many people have been wondering why so many forest fires have been happening recently. Well, a few of the reasons are climate change, accident fires, arsons, or other naturally occurring events such as lighting. As can be seen, the primary cause of forest fires is human activities. This poem is about the harmful effects of forest fires occurring globally.

The once lush green trees are burning in flames
The sky is choking as the wind carries sinister smoke towards it
Families are escaping before the curtains of life close upon them
Birds are weeping as they breathe in a poison that’s putting them to sleep for one last time
Every passing day brings a new fear of what else will fade away

As a few angels enter the forest
The suffocating, dry heat encompasses them
Yet, they never surrender
They continue to fight until victory is achieved

As I close my eyes
I see the beautiful animals taking cover under the trees as the cool rain falls upon the ground
I see the fish dancing in the rivers, and the birds flying freely in the clean sky
I see friends biking through the trails with a wide smile on their faces
Until I snap back to reality

With my heart filled with heaviness, I have to say
Too much is being destroyed day after day
As I glance at the road ahead of us
I can only see the skies getting darker
The trees being reduced to ashes
Wineries becoming nightmares for families
Homes being demolished

And helpless humans trying to find a solution,
For a problem which they have created

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