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Life After High School: ‘Support Systems Get You Through It All’


Once a VOXer, always a VOXer. Our series “Life After High School” features recent VOX ATL alums giving the teens coming up behind them the real deal on what life is like after graduation.

College is definitely different from being in high school.

Being on your own away from your parents is pretty scary sometimes, but, the one thing I do love is the flexibility of creating my own schedule and taking classes that I’m interested in. I’m in a game design class that teaches the importance of player decisions in gaming and I think it’s awesome.

I am very involved on campus, I’m doing Greek life, I joined a marketing club. One thing that has got me through stressful days here alone without my parents is being surrounded by people who share these passions with you. It’s that support system that gets you through it all.

I’m really glad that I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried new things and I definitely recommend that for anyone making the transition from high school to college.