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During a summer of protests about police brutality and racism, a group of teens brought together (virtually) by youthSpark decided to speak up about how police brutality, racism and staying at home during a pandemic can impact a young person’s mental health.


Police Brutality, Racism and Mental Health – a youthSpark podcast

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“Stop this racism.”

“Stop that cycle that keeps going on for many generations.”

“We just want to live.”

As a part of their summer programming, youthSpark, an Atlanta-based nonprofit addressing child exploitation in Georgia and across the country asked VOX ATL to bring the mic to a group of their teens to express themselves about whatever was important to them.

They wanted to speak up about police brutality and racism. We asked how those social justice challenges impact teens’ mental health.

“We don’t feels safe, and we feel angry about it, about what’s happening around the world.” 

“I think the police think they have more power than us, especially toward the Black community. They think they have an advantage and they can abuse their power.”

“The police judge us by our hair or how we dress.”

“People are scared. They’re scared to go outside.”

Listen in to hear more of what they had to say.


Thanks to Cole Jones-Ford, VOX ATL teaching artist, and Li Bates, VOX ATL facilitator, for facilitating this series and podcast recording. 

Please click here for more information about how to partner with VOX ATL to bring the mic to your group, school or organization. 

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