Atlanta Teen Voices

VOX ATL is where teens speak and Atlanta listens, so it’s your platform, too.

Any teen growing up in metro Atlanta is invited to publish with VOX ATL. You don’t have to join the teen staff to join the fun. If you’re in interested in sharing your original story, art, or poetry, just email Or you can submit your original content online here. You must include your full name, age, school and an original photo/art piece to go along with your story.

We also partner with local nonprofits and schools! If you’d like your Atlanta-area high school or community organization to host a VOX ATL workshop for self-expression or journalism to help teens create content, sign up on our Atlanta Teen Voices publishing and workshop agreement.

You can also sign up here to receive free copies of our print edition at your school or community organization.

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To speak with someone at VOX ATL about our community workshops, please contact 

For more information about distributing VOX ATL papers or having VOX ATL come to your event, please contact