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XXXTENTACION and Crew’s ‘Members Only Vol. 3’ Provides All the Heat You Need this Summer

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After teasing his fans with the cover art this past May, XXXTENTACION and his Members Only collective have finally dropped their third collaboration album, “Members Only Vol 3,” giving us another reason why South Florida’s music scene is a force to be reckoned with. The album stars XXXTENTACION working with frequent collaborators Ski Mask the Slump God, Wifisfuneral, Craig Xen as well as newer names who highlight the growth and talent of the crew as a whole.

Being a huge Ski fan, I literally jumped right out of my bed when I got the Soundcloud notification of him re-posting new tracks. I didn’t know what he was posting at the time, but when I got on his page and saw songs being released for “Members Only Vol 3,” I was ecstatic. 

Members Only Vol 3,” is by far one of the hypest albums I’ve ever heard. The amount of bangers on this 22-track LP (23 if you count rapper Wifisfuneral’s missing track released on his Soundcloud page) and the variety of different music styles makes this a great listen for the summer.

Members Only is a semi-large group with very talented people, so the best thing about that is you have a lot of options. If you’re into loud, rowdy styles then Robb Bank$’ “4Peat,” Kid Trunks’ “CAME2KILL” and my personal favorite, Craig Xen’s “Wassup Vro!,” are for you. If you’re into more of a chill, trap vibe you will like the songs from Coolie Cut, Kin$oul and Killstation. Even X has his own slower moments on the opening track “FIND ME,” “Slipknot” and his feature verse on Kid Trunks’ “777.” 

That said, “Members Only Vol 3 may disappoint fans looking forward to more of XXXTENTACION’s slow vibes. Much of the project may not translate well with fans who don’t like the obnoxious style of lyrics that come out of X and crew’s mouths. This is completely okay, because the purpose of the album is to showcase the growth of the group throughout the years.

But, you are a fan who prefers a mellower type of music, X has an album coming out soon called “17.” He says it will focus on a slower R&B-type feel and will consist of songs similar to previously released fan favorites like “I don’t wanna do this anymore,” “Let’s pretend we’re numb” and maybe even a taste of “i spoke to the devil in miami.” There’s no release date yet, but due to the cancelling of XXXTENTACION and company’s Revenge tour he’ll maybe have more time to sit down and put more time into the album.

To put it short, “Members Only Vol 3 was a Mack-certified banger. I’m more than excited for more solo projects, not just from X (although I’m almost jumping off walls in anticipation of “17”) but from the group’s other members, too.

Mack is a 14-year-old student at North Atlanta High School. He is a fan of all music genres, however finds himself most inspired by Kurt Cobain.

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