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Even though Atlanta is a landlocked city with no beach, there is still a sea here...a sea of creators. Within this sea, we find the versatility of different creators, such as filmmakers, painters, producers, and fashion designers, who all share the same love of creation. Among them is poet, transformer, creative and rapper ALEC. ALEC…

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“The Underdogs” Episode Two: Riya Ramaswamy On Being Teen Woman of Color In Film

In the second episode of The Underdogs, VOX ATL’s Tamara Morgan sits down with actress Riya Ramaswarmy to talk about her journey as a teen in film and some of the obstacle women like her have had to face, and overcome.

Watch episode one of “The Underdogs” featuring teen actress Mia Isaac.

Producer: Tamara Morgan/VOX ATL
Editor: Ila-Rose Robinson/VOX ATL
Art Illustration: Aidan Ventimiglia/VOX ATL