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Art by Christina Norris

VOX Teen Poetry: Fear Of The Future

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Fear Of The Future

I’m going to elementary school today.

Mommy and Daddy said that I should be nice to the other children.

They also said that I have to do all of the boring school work.

I just wanna get it all done so I can go home and play with my toys.

After this I start middle school.

I’m going to middle school today.

I had my mom and dad drop me off early so I could walk to the building.

They told me to stay focused like I don’t already know.

I just want to get through the day without being humiliated.

After this I start high school.

I’m going to high school today.

My parents told me how important finishing my education is.

They are absolutely right, I need to get my diploma.

Because the pressure of getting good grades is driving me crazy.

I just want to graduate.

After this…..

Wait, what happens after this?!

Should I go to college? If I do, what should I major in?

Should I get a job? How would I even do that?

What do I want to do for a living?!

My parents say that it’s my choice.

But they’ve chosen everything for me already.

What if I make the wrong choice? What if all this school means nothing?

I just want to have all of this figured out.

I guess I’ll just have to see what happens after this.


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  1. Mrs. Beverly Davis

    That poem was an awesome addition to what Tina is and is aspiring to be. A great person and a great contribution to God, her family and this great wide WORLD! Keep moving forward, Tina!