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VOX 5: How to Find Your Style

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When you wake up and look in your closet, do you feel overwhelmed? Do you have this feeling that you’ll end up trying on at least five outfits before finally deciding on one that doesn’t even make you feel good? Do you go shopping and look at the selection of items and feel like nothing looks good on you?

Recently, I found my own style and it’s honestly the best thing ever, because now when I wake up, I know what I want to wear without even looking at my closet. Would you like to be able to do that? Well, now all of your fears and worries can stop because this guide will help you get a grip on your fashion and what defines you.


When we’re talking about improving or testing out anything, you must do your research first. When you’re starting from scratch, it’s easiest if you go on an app like Pinterest or Instagram and scroll through the outfits that you see. One shirt or one pair of shoes can be the gateway for a whole world of similar things for you. It’s also best to find influencers and models that are a similar size or color to you. Personally, for me, I usually follow fashion influencers who have darker skin and are a little thicker, because that’s what I personally look like. Being able to see a similar body type and what looks good on them can also help you to determine if something would possibly look good on you without you having to get up and try on clothes all the time.

Find the colors, prints and patterns that look best on YOU.

What’s your favorite color? What color is the undertone of your skin? Do you like gingham or plaid more? Clothes come in all different types of materials and colors. It’s important to observe the clothing that you like already. Do you have a favorite pair of jeans? Are they darker or lighter? Do they fit more tightly or loosely? Do you not like jeans at all? These questions may seem overwhelming, but it’s important to ask yourself what you love and what you could do without. Do you prefer to wear sustainable clothing or is that too much for you? Skirts or dresses? There are so many questions to ask but once you get an idea of the way you want to go, the rest falls into place. Always remember that you should never base your interests or taste from some influencer or celebrity. Inspiration is always great, but copying makes your style unauthentic and it won’t truly represent you!

Try Something New!

The next step after you find what you like is to try it out! Trying the styles and clothes that you find can be a little scary and you might not feel comfortable immediately but if the outfit is true to your style, it’ll feel as comfortable as wearing pajamas. If the outfit doesn’t feel comfortable, you should probably go back to the drawing board and figure out why you didn’t feel comfortable in it. Was it too short, too long, too wide? Figure it out and take a mental note of it. It can help you in the future when you’re styling yourself again. 


This is my favorite part of my style personally, but accessories are the MOST important part of creating a look. You can elevate a simple look with a piece of earrings or some socks, or even a belt. I love wearing a cute ring with a necklace and some cute earrings and it usually makes my look a lot more refined and clean since I love gold jewelry. Think about your favorite necklace or pair of shoes. Also, your hair, nails and even glasses can be an accessory. It can make your outfit so much more cool or flowy. Thinking about accessories can also help to make your basic t-shirt and jeans combo more complex and make your look a “lewk.”

Build your confidence.

The last thing you should remember when finding your style is to be confident in yourself. If you aren’t confident in yourself, your style won’t shine as bright. Just wearing your favorite color or favorite jacket can boost your confidence to a million and that’s what truly creating a style that’s yours is all about; creating looks that make you feel your best. So, when you step out into the world, and you feel like a million bucks; that’s what finding your style is truly about.

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