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Harmless Debates: The 2023 Grammy Awards [AUDIO]

Welcome to Harmless Debates, a podcast here at VOX ATL where teens come together to discuss pop culture topics all the way from new TV shows to new indie and pop artists. Come along with us as we uncover new aspects of today’s pop culture. Be sure to tune in every now and then for a new episode. You can now listen to Harmless Debates on VOXATL.org, Spotify, Apple Music, and Soundcloud.

In this episode, VOXers Nick, Colette, Ciara, Jennie, Tomi, and Belle discuss and reflect on this year’s Grammy Awards.

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VOXCast: Is Gen Z Too Sensitive or More Aware? VOX ATL Teens Debate

Gen Z, the generation teased for our sensitivity and told to get over ourselves. But does our sensitivity make us crybabies or just more aware? Singer Lizzo was recently “cancelled” for using language in her new song that some felt was insensitive, leading to her changing the lyrics. Join VOX Teen Writer Mikayla with guests Jenne, Hunter, and Zariyah as they explore the debate: Is Gen Z really sensitive or really aware?

Trigger warning: the following content contains harmful language for people living with disabilities.

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This interview has sparked debate and controversy on social media. Cardi B, who is a former stripper, spoke out on Instagram Live, and while she did “understand what Jermaine is saying” she highlighted herself and other female rappers who consistently put out inspiring and impactful music. Cardi B, who is a former stripper, spoke out…

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