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A Stroll Through the Heart of the March

by share

The day started walking behind

Bright pink pussy hats
I had never seen one in person

Then I met a 3 person family
Amanda, her daughter Grace, and husband Michael
holding handmade black lives matter signs
I had never seen one from a white family in person

The further I walked to my destination
The energy of the city intensified
As women, men and children gathered downtown to march for basic freedoms
I had never seen a march like this in person

“This Pussy Grabs Back” from “nasty” Woman
Signs riddled the backbone of the march funny
But that laugh lasts only for a moment
Till you’re forced to realize why they wrote it

Think about the reasons behind the signs
“I Get Wet For Justice”
“Girls Rule Trump Drools”
“Our Rights Are Not Up For Grabs”
“You Can’t Comb Over Sexism”
“Your Silence Is Your Consent”

Picket signs high and mighty
Trying to fence out the hate
The unjust
The abuse of rights
4 elderly women sick of arguing on Facebook
Sick that they have to fight for abortion rights
I had never seen this hurt before.

I was supposed to be a fly on the wall
Just an unbiased observer
But when the chants turn gospels
And the streets of Atlanta turn to holy
You must become congregation
I could not help but lose myself in the movement
Camera down and fist up
Maybe it was the activist in me refusing to be quiet
I had never felt her disobey me like that
But I couldn’t help but be proud of her defiance

They say 60K came out that day
Millions more across the Nation
The Largest Presidential Protest
I have never felt so proud of women in America.

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Ogechi is a 19-year-old student at Georgia State University.

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