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Cover art by Aidan Ventimiglia

Poetry: ‘Nice Neighbors’

by share

Neighbors, neighbors,
Thank you for all your generous favors.
When we were moving,
There were a lot of unknowns,
But you accepted us
And welcomed us into your homes.

This is a metaphor, of course.
A raincheck for after the virus loses its force
Conversations by mailboxes reinforce
Our sense of connection, a daily resource.

Without you,
There’d be a lonely space,
An isolation difficult to face.
Would’ve been a lonely year
But it isn’t,
Not with you here.

Need I mention,
All the other things you do
And bring to my attention,

Your expertise in cooking,
Your skill with tools,
It’s time to stop looking
For neighbors so cool.

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  1. G

    simple for everyone to understand, but powerful in getting your message across