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Illustration by Elliot Udoh

VOX Teen Poetry: High Tide

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We stood together, overlooking the water
Trusting you I jumped in with both feet
Unafraid to be sucked in by the whirlpool that was your promises
Excited to be moved by the current that was your laugh
And letting the riptide that was your smile pull me in

You attached an anchor to my heart
Leaving me grounded in an ocean of my own obliviousness
I sat there
Naive and silly
Unprepared for the tsunami that would soon follow

Huge waves crashed over my head
I couldn’t breathe

Completely immersed in a sea of broken promises, lies and pain

Continuing to be sucked in like the unfortunate beach chairs that weren’t moved fast enough

I was drowning

The undertow of our broken relationship pulled me in deeper

Unable to bring myself to the surface that was the truth
And breath the air that was reality
I struggled

Gasping for air
I continued to suffocate
My senses flooded by your hallow promises
I was trapped

Drowning Drowning Drowning

Until I sank to the bottom

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Elliott Udoh, 14, attends The Webb School. I am a driven individual with a passion for social justice who strives to change the world through a combination of compassion and c...

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