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The Be Pretty, Not Petty event included a chance to teen girls in Atlanta to share their reflections and voices. "The way I see beauty is not from what clothes you wear or how your hair looks, but what is on the inside," wrote one teen. Read on
VOX staffer, Rebecca takes us along her travel adventure this summer. This is the first in a series. Rebecca, 16, hopes to inspire teen readers around Atlanta to travel the world and take in all of its wonders and adventures. Read on
From pop culture to sports, I was able to connect with my peers while living abroad and share the voices of three new friends. Read on
Meet some of the teens who attended MomoCon — an anime and gaming convention — last weekend in Atlanta. Read on
Not since James Cameron’s 2009 “Avatar” have visual effects been pushed to such groundbreaking levels of complexity and near perfection. Read on
Compared to most teachings of slavery, "Roots" shows us that rich culture and diverse societies existed completely independent of European enslavement or infiltration. Read on