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Now more than ever students need to be prepared for life after school. Internships can introduce you to new careers and make you more prepared for a job of your own. That’s why it was so impactful hearing InternQueen Lauren Berger Read on
They say all it takes to bake is a recipe, But when will I see the end product in front of me? Too long of a process, I think, Only for it to be finished in a blink Of an eye, that piece of the pie. Here, let me give it a try. “Chopped” is…

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What's the connection between the super-rich and the uper echelons of power? VOX ATL's Alex Smith-Perry did some research on how this can affect teens. Read on
VOX ATL horoscopes are back! No matter your astrological sign, we've got you covered, thanks to VOX ATL teen staffer Alex Smith-Perry. Read on
These five diverse high school based programs are some of the select few that are certain to be beneficial to any teen participant.  Read on
Introducing VOX ATL’s new advice column, “ASK VOX,” a forum for teens by teens. Read on