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A Note From The Cartoonist: No one has ever been to the graveyard of feelings. That’s why there are no flowers on the flowers on the graves. No other reason. Read on
A poetry and photography collection by VOX Teen Staffer Tyler Bey who is heading off to college in New York City this fall. Read on
I watch.  Eyes wide with wonder,  In the school of the summer,  What no online instruction can teach,  What they should yearn to teach.  In the waters, I learn on the beach. I learn to grab tiny clams and flip them out of the sand,  Throw them in a bucket, three in a hand,  I…

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Jennie Matos, 14, chronicles her journey as a black girl attending a PWI. "I can go to their school but will never be a part of their school community." Read on
How does one have a somewhat “perfect day” amidst the radical unfamiliarity we know as 2020? Two teens from this summer's Alliance Theater's Collision Project explain... Read on
My message to men is simple: calling a woman a “queen,” doesn’t absolve you from misogyny. Read on