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The teen staff at VOX ATL has come together to produce a series of vlogs documenting their #VOXquaranTEEN routine as they adjust to life with no school and no social gatherings. This episode features Bria, a 16-year old student at Arabia Mountain High School. Check out how she’s occupying her time (and annoying her sister).…

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"Conan Gray has grown from a small art YouTuber into a full-fledged musician," says VOX ATL's Jennie Matos. "The singer is definitely here to stay." Read on
With no game plan in place for standardized testing or even how to feed school kids at home during a pandemic, COVID-19 is exposing our schools' flaws. Read on
"Seeing the candidates quarrel over policies seems like just another presidential debate you see on TV," writes VOX ATL's James Rhee. "But I started to wonder why everyone didn’t receive the same amounts of time or similar questions." Read on
Weeknd fans have been waiting for Abel to go back to his earlier sound and match the vibes of his earlier albums. "After Hours" gives the fans what they want and is his closest album to matching that sound to date. Read on
A Note From The Artist: Sometimes, you just want to tell your crazy Uncle Jerry that he’s gone nuts, but you can’t, cause it’d be rude. So then you awkwardly stare at the table and wonder if the salt feels the same way… Read on