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Sophia Coppola's bio pic won't be misconstrued as glamorizing Priscilla's life or encouraging a "Lolita"-like aesthetic that many of her fans aspire to. Read on
I am a field of flowers Filled with bright lilies and beautiful tulips My ambitions like the lush green grass Sprouting from my adventurous mind Small animals racing each other Similar to my racing thoughts My glowing essence nourishing all that it can touch But it seems that people don’t See the beauty Within my…

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The Georgia Governor’s Honors Program (GHP) is a prestigious summer program for gifted high schoolers. How does GHP help students excel, and what is it like to attend the program? Read on
Most teens enjoy playing video games. Some are loyal to a specific series or genre, while others are open. Here are the top 5 video games released 2022-23. Read on
Jubilee, a highly influential YouTube Channel as it pertains to media discourse, has grown increasingly in popularity since the release of its Middle Ground series six years ago. Read on
Monetary funding, improved mentoring, better working conditions as well as supporting teachers are just a few of the ways in which the call to action for helping teachers can be solved.  Read on