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Reporters Nahila Louis-Charles and Alexes Harris check out Mixify Tour, which made its Atlanta stop at Centennial Olympic Park on Wednesday, July 29. Read on
In recent Twitter news, rapper Meek Mill — perhaps most famously known as Nicki Minaj’s significant other — went on a Twitter rant in late July. Read on
The new CNN documentary dives into the specifics of human trafficking in Atlanta, our new slavery. Read on
Akon recently posed an argument that as African Americans living in the U.S. we should return to Africa. Read on
Recently, Kylie Jenner, the young reality star from “Keeping up with the Kardashians,” photographed herself with her new do — cornrows — and captioned it “I woke up like disss (sic).” The Instagram post got more than 1.3 million likes. Read on
I can’t tell you how many times I have heard teens and adults say they only vote or would only vote during the presidential elections. It is important to vote every time the opportunity presents itself because it is a rolling process. Read on