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Not since James Cameron’s 2009 “Avatar” have visual effects been pushed to such groundbreaking levels of complexity and near perfection. Read on
Compared to most teachings of slavery, "Roots" shows us that rich culture and diverse societies existed completely independent of European enslavement or infiltration. Read on
This is the best d*mn movie I’ve ever seen. As a black teen growing up in East Point, Georgia, I am ashamed of how my peers spit in the face of our culture by not taking advantage of the opportunities that were paid for by the blood, murder and rape of our ancestors. Read on
An original poem by Grace LaFlotte. Read on
The brilliant screenplay, detailed direction, stellar cast, and mind-blowing action make this one of the must-see cinematic experiences of the year. Read on
According to, one in three teens have experienced relationship or dating violence. I interviewed Emory University's Sexual Assault Peer Advocates (SAPA) to gain insight on what safety in a relationship is. Read on