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When Girls Like Girls: Episode Two [AUDIO]

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When Girls like Girls podcast is about femme- (feminine) presenting lesbians and their experiences in the world. Femme-presenting lesbians were chosen specifically not to say that other identifying lesbians do not have a hard time in the world but to show that femme-presenting lesbians have it harder. They are the lesbians who no one expects to be lesbian, so they are constantly harassed and told they can somehow be changed with heterosexual sex or questioned about who they love.

This podcast is hosted by Christian Stallworth, a stem- (both feminine and masculine) presenting lesbian who has dated-femme presenting lesbians and has seen their struggle. She wanted to produce this podcast to give them a platform to get their voices heard and to help bust myths and stereotypes about them.

Click Here to listen to the first episode of “When Girls Like Girls.”

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