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National Coming Out Day aka NCOD is an annual awareness day every October 11 dedicated to raising awareness about queer experiences. Founded in 1988 after being inspired by the revolutionary National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights in 1987 that drew hundreds of thousands of LGBTQ people, AIDS/HIV patients and allies to the nation’s…

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VOXCast: Franklin Ayzenberg on Weaponizing White Privilege and Defending the Trans Community

Franklin Ayzenberg is a white transgender man and social media activist who’s living in New York City. When I asked to interview him, it was late May, and the political atmosphere of our country was unbelievably different.

In fact, part of me is cringing at highlighting a white voice, when now is the time, more than ever, to be uplifting Black voices. But as a Black voice myself, I have decided I wanted to take a second to view the movement through a different lens.

How can I as a Black man help white people learn about weaponizing their white privilege? Franklin Ayzenberg was an excellent person to discuss this with. He runs two Instagram accounts, his main one, where he has over 16,000 followers. A second, newer one @reallyhotandstrongboys is where he beautifully uplifts and celebrates a diverse range of individuals assigned female at birth, who have ventured into masculinity and maleness as varying proximities. Some have had top and bottom surgery, others have had neither and feel just as comfortable that way.

In this interview, we discuss everything from the Black Lives Matter protest, to the hypocrisy of white liberals, to how everyone can come together to uplift trans voices during Pride month. Enjoy!