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Art by London-Skye Roberson, 18

VOX Teen Poetry: “Show Some Respect”

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Apparently my dress code is a “distraction.“
From what?

The simple fact that you can’t keep it in your pants?
Or that you can’t control your sexual urge?

Because when I go outside in a short skirt and you cat call me,
oh you’re “flirting,” but I’m the one disrespecting my body.

Human life rests in my hands. If it wasn’t for women, you wouldn’t be here in the first place.
So how dare you disrespect my kind.

Is it your male toxicity or the weakness that you feel when a woman walks in the room?
No, it’s the subliminal thought in the back of your head knowing that

I am stronger than you are.
Because…I am a woman

Note from the author: This poem can come off very strong to some people, especially the male community. I wrote this poem based on personal experience, and I think a lot of people aren’t aware of this issue or even this topic. Hopefully my poem will stir up some conversations.

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