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“Let Me Talk Please” [VIDEO TRAILER]

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This series is the untold story of women that are filled in their diaries and or minds. Here lays a sacred and vulnerable space for stories to unfold to evolve. As we find the root of our stories, we will eventually bloom into the flower that we crave to be. Society has signed off our trauma and experience of being not valuable enough to share. OUR experiences cause our stories to be powerful and they are meant to be shared. This is our temple. This is our home. This is our voice. This is our pain. This is our happiness. This is our movement. This is us…
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About Daya Brown

/VOX ATL Staff Writer

Daya, 16, attends Westlake High School. Daya has the ability to awaken a room when her words come to life through her voice. Her goal in life has always been to impact the gir...

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  1. DaMya T

    I love this so much