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VOX Teen Poetry: ‘Parking Lot Plant’

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I’ve started a garden,
A place to believe in,
Something to water,
Smells to breathe in.

All my plants come
from different corners of my world,
Each with a story and a place
they herald,
One from my grandmother,
one from my dorms,
Each remind and bring with them,
A memory reborn.

And on this day, a story of
this little plant I needed to save,
Left in the parking lot,
My gaze could not look away.

Run over, wilted in the sun,
A lost cause to every person but one.

I picked it up gingerly,
It tattered but green,
I picked it up gingerly,
And walked off the scene.

I hoped the roots would repair,
And left it in water, listening to Cher,
Music to help,
I left it right there.

I still don’t know if my parking lot plant will survive,
He remains in the sun, in the water,
At the very least I’m glad that I tried.
Whether he dies or remains alive,
I gave him a chance, my parking lot plant,
To grow and enhance,
To turn into a successful story
No reason to worry if I fail,
There’s a silver lining,
all the learning it entailed.
To do better next time,
To try once more,
Sometimes things work out
And sometimes they’re sure
To leave wisdom throughout.

Life is like my little parking lot plant,
I don’t know the outcome, the time,
But regardless of the situation,
Opportunities I will find,
To choose to pursue,
And when it feels like a lost cause, who
when given up on,
I can learn to enjoy the journey too.

My little parking lot plant,
Sitting by the windowsill,
Fills my heart,
Thankful for all the wisdom it imparts.

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