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“pick a major, they say…nothing major, they say.”

Artwork by Aidan Ventimiglia, VOX ATL Staff

VOX Teen Poetry: How Do You Choose?

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how do you choose
a life of luxury,
chasing the green,
or a life of passion,
bringing joy to the scene

pick a major,
they say,
nothing major,
they say,
please don’t delay.

Set sail on adventure,
business or inventor,
social work is a no,
towards riches you go.

to find my calling,
but the pay is appalling,
with a wink and wave,
you’ll regret it,
they say.

No way,
to know,
except to show,
up day in and day out
that’s what life’s all about

to follow your heart,
not the greed it disguises,
create new art
and the motto it advises:

Happiness at hand,
found in the promised land,
but if that what you seek,
a thankless job of giving,
future bleak,
then how do you choose,
to love or to lose
the money,
the blues.

A degree,
can’t you see,
not for four years,
but a lifetime,
a weighty endeavor,
a time to feel free,
to follow adventure
and to see where it leads.

oh but
how do you choose
choose a life,
but whose,
A life for others,
or one for you?

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