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Art illustration by Hananya Allen

VOX Teen Poetry: Spinning

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Balancing between a double border,
Spinning is the only thing to do to maintain order,
Narrowed vision shows only one way to go,
Overthinking nonsense of “You reap what you sow”
Drawing in on me like I’m magnetic,
How wasteful can energy be if its kinetic,
Friction from speed and speed from friction,
Borders collide from accidental constriction,
Over the dust I surged,
Rather than collided borders have merged,
On top I see I have constructed a road,
Hand over heart pledging to be forever bold,
I know my location,
Any stop can be my station,
Dorothy, we’re not in Kansas,
Erasing out the road’s lines to paint in “My Canvas,”
Keeping my brush wet to Bob Ross this bitch,
I’m sorry for the glitch,
I just got a little dizzy from spinning.

Author’s Note:

Thank you very much for reading my poem; it truly does mean a lot to me. “Spinning” was
written with inspiration from making hard decisions that put a lot of pressure on one’s self.  It also
embraces the knowledge that, in most cases, you can have control of your mind.

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Hananya, 19, Homeschool graduate. She is a film and theatre actress who is enthusiastic about writing. She enjoys writing, short stories, poetry and scenes and is eager to lea...

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