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Illustration by Nishthha Pandya

VOX Teen Poetry: ‘A Dark Silence’

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History will remember this horrific year
Full of agony and pain
Pearl like tears streaming down faces
Yet, like Avoxes, we can’t complain.

Does the weariness of masks grow?
As do the endless hunts for toilet paper?
But if those problems are your greatest
Take a look below your skyscraper.

Just like forests recover after a fire,
Humans too must heal from this strain,
Just like when ants are trampled over,
We can’t complain.

Does the social distancing bother you?
Is it six feet or twenty feet?
Hands constantly soaked with hand sanitizer,
As dryness takes over, we ask ourselves: When can we meet?

Aren’t you sick of cooking at home?
But don’t let your precautions go in vain
Remember you are not alone
Everyone around the world is facing the same.

Loved ones are on ventilators,
Loved ones are in pain,
Loved ones are dying,
But still, with no treatments, we can’t complain.

Does the sorrow upset you?
Does it seem like there is no end in sight?
The scientists are racing to find a solution
Can they put an end to this fight?

The nights of fear continue
We can’t complain
The deaths of loved ones haunt us
We can’t complain
We must be like strong rocks
Resilient to even the aftershocks.

This is the reality of today
We can’t complain
More and more people are fading away
We can’t complain

As we keep looking for a cure,
We must remember that nothing is for sure.
We can’t complain
We can’t complain
We can’t complain.

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