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VOX Media Cafe 2016 – Week 3: The End of Everything

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What a way to finish up a wonderful final week at VOX Media Cafe 2016! We got to watch these dedicated teens grow from being a group that barely knew each other to a well-oiled set of wheels constantly turning and being creative. In the three weeks we’ve all been together, we watched them become journalists fighting for the story that needs to be told.

The first week, they decided on their topics and assembled into their teams. The next week, they went out for videos, photos and interviews. Now, in this final week, they produced their final products — multimedia package websites!

On day one, the campers learned from VOX editor Rich Eldredge and CNN senior producer Christina Zdanowicz on what should go into their media packages.


The teens continue to plan and build their websites with help from the adult volunteers from Jay Walter Thompson INSIDE.


VMC participants Kiayah and Isis show off for the camera while working on their sites!


VMC participant Aria Brown takes control as she helps lead her fellow campers finishing planning for their sites.


Naomi and LaToya give it their all with their presentation on the Black Lives Matter movement.


Lucy, Destiny and Aria Brown present their package about the DIY music scene in Atlanta.


Jason, Aria C., Isis, and Kiayah presenting their website on the performing arts scene in Atlanta.

VMC photos by Mikael Trench, 18, VOX summer intern and teen staff member. Story by Catherine Boyd, 19, VOX summer intern and teen staff member. 

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