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VOX Media Café 2018: Advanced Session Gets Off to a Great Start

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The last session of VOX Media Cafe 2018 has begun! Teens from the sessions of VMCs past as well as staff members during the school year came together for a third session of VOX Media Cafe, which is a more advanced version. This first week was an eventful one, and week two should be no different. I captured moments from each day that show the highlights of this week.

To kick off, we got acquainted (or re-acquainted, rather) with each other and the space. After an intriguing debate over whether we’d live by the ocean or on the moon, teens established ground rules, such as respecting each other’s opinions and practicing good self-care.


VMCers each set goals — things they hope to accomplish during this session.

Our senior editor, Rich, facilitated a quick Interviewing 102 session as VMCer Lexi scribed everyone’s responses what makes a great interview. We then dove headfirst into learning and modeling facilitation skills, such as timekeeping and active listening, as well as resolving conflict.

After a working lunch, we all pitched story ideas. We discussed topics surrounding self-expression, politics, and education, in hopes to continue to weld them into their ideal multimedia packages!

Day two was especially exciting since it was CNN day! In the morning, the day kicked off with volunteers, CNN journalists Christina Zdanowicz and Gwen Anderson who lead a workshop on how to write great ledes for a story.

While at CNN, we got an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how things are ran. We even met CNN correspondents Nick Valencia and Martin Savidge! Nick and Martin shared with us the importance of being able to take chances, and that though the world of journalism can take a toll when it comes to being apart from your family, the experience is still very rewarding. During the tour, Christina and Gwen guided us around each area, having other CNN employees explain to us how things worked along the way.

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On Wednesday, we learned about creating user-generated content with Christina, by using social media and other tools to help shape stories. Then, we visited website designers from Nicely Built, a fellow Atlanta-based company, to learn about website-building (including what’s to come for VOX in the near future…. Hint hint!) When we came back, we continued to hone in on our stories and also prepare for working with community partners for the next day. We made sure to put our VOX-y ways to use!

Thursday arrived, and though the early-morning community outreach preparation got a bit hectic, everyone arrived to their destination, ready to bring VOX to where they went! We were split into four groups, with the first staying in the office to work with teens from the YMCA. Another went to the @Promise Youth Center in Atlanta, with another going to Chris 180, a social services nonprofit. Finally, a small group went to the IRC (International Rescue Committee).

Here, VMCers Ramaya, Lexi, Isley, Rachel, and alumni intern Cece work with teens at the @Promise Center


On Friday, the morning began with meeting with graphic designer Denny Kim to discuss ideas for the cover of our back-to-school print edition, which will be available in September. And we finished the week with establishing promotion for the final VMC event, which is on Friday, July 20, 1:30-3:30 pm at VOX! Please come out and support these amazing young journalists!

VOX’s teen-led summer youth voice showcase & community conversation about social justice #offthewall project will create murals from community conversations in connection with Super Bowl 53.

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Friday, July 20, 1:30-3:30 pm


Hosted at VOX – Downtown Atlanta (directions linked) 


Amariyah, 17, is a summer intern at VOX and is excited to share her story along with uplifting the voices of her fellow writers!



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