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VOX Media Cafe 2016 – Week One

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VOX Media Cafe’s first week was interesting and fun, to say the least. As 12 VMC participants carefully tread the waters of journalism, I myself tried to fit into my role as an intern, a facilitator for VMC activity, and a journalist. I found that for the most part, it was easy. Sure, I had to get used to juggling deadlines and capturing the activities of our summer programming, along with my other intern duties, but it was all doable.

The VMC participants took their time opening up to one another, but by the third day we were all pretty tight, to my appreciation. I learned to appreciate the various talents and skills of my fellow interns, and we all managed to turn in our pitches and our stories edited. All in all, VMC week one was fascinating, interesting and an adventure!

Catherine Boyd, 19, is a VOX summer intern. Video by Mikael Trench, 18., summer intern. 

There are still a few spots for VMC’s second session in July. Contact Susan for details. 

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