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VOX Bubble: Teens Speak on How Music Impacts Their Lives

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As streaming music is becoming more and more available through apps such as Spotify, Apple Music, and even YouTube, its influence expands to different parts of the world and to different groups of people. But how does this impact teens? For this purpose, I asked teens how music impacts their futures, mental health, and well-being.

For some, playing music was impactful to their lives, and they wanted to continue doing it after high school. Playing music can also be important for mental ability and development. 

Bailey Mines, 15, said, “I’m part of the Atlanta Music Project Senior Choir and I really love it. It’s what I love doing and I plan to go to college for music.”

Grove Lucas, 16, said, “I play at [Dekalb School of The Arts] in chamber and tour orchestra, I have enjoyed playing violin since I was about 9 or 10, and plan to continue through college.” 

Joseph Rodriguez, 17, said, “Music has always been a part of my life and personality. I play saxophone and I sing, and love doing both because they help keep me calm, reduce stress, and just make me happy. I hope to continue to do both for as long as I can.” 

Lily McNeely, 18, said, simply, “I like it and will continue to play in college.”

Though not all teens may want to pursue a career in music, playing can still be an important part of our lives. But for most that I asked, listening to it was the most impactful. 

Robyn Robinson, 16, said, “Solange and Jill Scott showed me true creativity and boldness that I found to be inspiring when it came to finding ways to express myself.”

Katharine Markiewicz, 16, said, “Noah Kahan and his recently released song, ‘Call Your Mom.’ The song is impactful because of the current mental health crisis among teens, in America and beyond. It speaks of my own mental health journey as well.”

Joseph Rodriguez, 17, said, “The music of Frank Sinatra has always been important to me as my grandfather first introduced me to him when I was 11, and it’s through his music that I keep my grandfather’s memory alive and remember the joys of life.”

Harvest Perry, 17,  said, “A song that has influenced my life is ‘Generation’ by tripleS. I listened to it first in a time where my life was just beginning to become happier, and it reminds me of that hope every time I listen to it.”

Evan George, 17, said, “U2 was the only group I heard growing up and I can probably sing most (if not all) of their songs word for word. It’s something I get to share with my dad which makes me feel at home.”

Grace Pollock, 17, said, “Taylor Swift and Maisie Peters have made me a better writer, and help me to understand my emotions when they seem so heavy.”

Music can connect and influence people of all types, and while the music industry is changing so rapidly, its ability to influence will be infinite.

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