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Beauty Standards Are F’d Up [VIDEO]

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VOX Media Cafe reporter Braxton Smith explores today’s beauty standards and how they are, in her words, “f’d up.” In this video she shows examples and also speaks with Black women to get their thoughts.

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About Braxton Smith

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Braxton Smith, 14, is a freshman at Atlanta Girls School. She enjoys doing art (different mandarins), doing nails, public speaking, watching the Celtics and basketball highlig...

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  1. Leiah jackson


  2. Kim Smith

    This is so pertinent for the times today! It is imperative that as black women and girls, we love the skin we’re in unconditionally. The world is already hard on us. We have to not only give ourselves grace and love, but share that with others. Braxton Smith, you did an excellent job! Today’s beauty standards are completely F’d up!

  3. Darcena Smith

    What an awesome video! It was very informative and beautifully done. The topic was extremely interesting and greatly needed to be addressed, and was done so eloquently. Braxton you tackled a subject with such grace and intelligence. I am so so proud of you.

  4. Shavohn Hill

    I really enjoyed this very detailed and informative video done by my beautiful intelligent niece. I’m so fucking proud of youuuuu.

  5. Shavohn Hill

    You go GURLLLL.