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VOX Media Cafe 2016 – Teens Tackle Video Editing in Week Two

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VOX Media Cafe Week Two was video editing week for the VMCers. On Monday, the teens separated into three groups to cover three individual topics: Black Lives Matter, teens’ access to the arts, and the do-it-yourself music scene.

With the help of Turner Broadcasting volunteers Joel Williams and Jennifer Matthews, and freelance filmmaker (and VOX board member) Bartram Nason, they spent Tuesday and Wednesday exploring Atlanta to gather b-roll and interview people for their group media projects. Natalie Yarbor, also from CNN, joined Joel Williams to help each group combine and edit all the footage they gathered into video.

Here are some moments from the second week of VOX Media Cafe’s second session.


Dasia is a rising senior at Our Lady of Mercy Catholic High School.

Jahleelah, 16, is a rising senior at Creekside High School. Jahleelah is a teen activist and artist who is passionate about underground music and equality. 

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