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I pledge allegiance to their flag and the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all white men in America who hold the gun to my brothers and sisters in a nation that lays at the premise of inequality, but wears the mask of freedom.  Nina Simone once said,…

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VOXCast: How Does Advocating For Social Justice Impact Our Mental Health? [AUDIO]

In this week’s episode of the VOXCast, teen editor Anjali continues our mental health coverage and is joined by fellow VOXers Sanjna, Prince and Kit to talk about how fighting against injustice and dealing with racism can impact our mental health.

Also, be sure to listen to the previous episode where the team talks about how high school counselors are doing when it comes to helping teens with their mental health. Link below:

VOXCast: Are High School Counselors Helping Teens With Our Mental Health?

Justice Seekers EP. 2: Activism vs “Slacktivism” [PODCAST]

VOX ATL’s Sanjna and A’Marie present the second episode of “Justice Seekers.”

About the show, Sanjna says: “We are youth empowering youth who aim to promote inclusivity among youth and amplify underrepresented voices everywhere while informing and raising awareness to current day issues ranging from politics to academic struggles and mental health.”

In this episode they discuss the pros and cons of activism and “slacktivism” on social media.