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Teens Create Trump Zine as Creative Form of Activism

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In the wake of Donald Trump’s (often referred to by me as The Donald) recent inauguration, executive orders, horrendous tweets and other detrimental actions, the Anti-Racist Collective on my campus decided to put together a zine.

The Anti-Racist Collective is an informal group whose goal to engage in various forms of activism while eradicating things such as discrimination. One platform to share information is through zines, and this is the second zine that we have created.

After putting out a call for submissions, I take the content and turn it into a zine. My zine process can be summed up with making collages, scanning them, putting them into a layout, printing them, binding them together and dispersing them around campus.

This new zine delves into briefly discussing how we as a whole can come together to alter society and move it toward being more progressive during these next years. Such a thought stems from the fact that even though many marginalized groups are being attacked, there are still those who sulk in their privileges and do not speak up for others. These next few years are very prevalent as it pertains to strengthening one another through acts of allyship and various forms of activism.


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Sharah, 19, is a first-year student at College of Wooster, who one day wants to play the funky bass line Esperanza Spalding.


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