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Unity Through Art — High Museum’s 2017 Teen Convene

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The High Museum’s 2017 Teen Convene can be summed up with one word: unifying. Teens representing organizations across Atlanta came together last Saturday, Feb. 4 to discuss ways to make our community more inclusive and bond over games, art making, food and tours.

After sending representatives to a national Teen Convening in Boston during the summer, the High Museum organized a regional Teen Convene so Atlanta-area teens and organizations involved in art could meet for a day and exchange ideas. New American Pathways, Global Youth Ambassadors, My World, Re:Imagine/ATL, Boys and Girls Club, Chop Art, The Alliance Theatre, The National Center for Civil and Human Rights and the High Museum were all represented.

The topic that dominated most conversation was inclusivity, as the representatives from each organization sincerely wanted to make the community a better place for those living in it. Events such as Teen Convene are especially important in the intense and divisive political climate that we are experiencing right now, because it encourages us to get out of our comfort zone, talk about controversial topics that need to be addressed, and connect with people who we may not usually have the opportunity to connect with. In the discussion groups that took place midway through the day, we were able to share personal experiences and advice in speaking our minds, and being as open as possible to others.

As a member of the High Museum’s Teen Team, I can honestly say that the lessons I learned by interacting with the organizations present at Teen Convene will follow me through the rest of my life, and allow me to be more supportive to those around me.

Sarah, 16, attends Holy Innocents Episcopal and submitted this piece through VOX’s Atlanta Teen Voices program. 


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