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The Sky Isn’t the Limit

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The phrase “The Sky is the Limit” never clicked with me

How can it be encouraging when it warns you that there is a limit?

People explain it away, claiming there is no actual “sky”

Trying to find an excuse to shove in a metaphor

To sound prettier with their words

If you think about it

What are the people really saying?

Are they saying the sky isn’t really there?

That objects we cannot see or touch do not exist?

If they do not exist, they cannot form our obstacles?

But, love isn’t really there either

You can’t touch love

You can’t see love, just like the sky

Yet love is one of the causes of our obstacles.

We believe the sky is there

And see it as a border around the Earth

Just like we believe in love

And acknowledge love’s obstacles

So if we go around saying there is no sky

How is that any different than saying there is no love?

The phrase “The sky is the limit” really does have a limit

Because there is a sky

Just like there is love

So, just like you believe in the endless sky

Just like you believe in everlasting love

You need no encouraging quote to tell you

Just believe in yourself

Artwork by Rebecca Jeltuhin

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