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Review: With ‘Hahaha,’ Regrettes Guitarist Genessa Gariano Creates Music for Our Anxious Times

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Since coronavirus entered the US and quarantine put the country on lockdown, musicians and artists have been forced to cancel shows, postpone recording sessions, and often not been able to see their bandmates at all. The California based punk-rock/pop band The Regrettes, however, have not let this pandemic put a halt to their creative output. Their song “What Am I Gonna Do Today?” came out May 1, with each band member remotely recording themselves from their own homes and Danny Noguerias mixing and mastering the single. 

But lead guitarist Genessa Gariano didn’t stop there. 

On Wed. May 13, Gariano released her own song for the first time, “Hahaha,” which she recorded in her closet with Papa Joe Lush. The lyrics of the song are a vulnerable and honest representation of what we’ve all collectively been going through as we stay in isolation, with lines such as, “How am I today? I’m scared. Don’t know how it’s going, but I know that it’s dangerous out there.” 


The rhetorical questions that make up the majority of the song reflect those anxious thoughts that have been floating through all of our minds as we all ponder where the world is right now and how we got to this point. “What would it be like if we didn’t go out? What would the world become?” “What would it be like if I stepped outside for a moment to bask in the sun?” “Did we laugh too long at the stupid jokes? Did you stay in when they told you so?” These collective queries create a sense of relatability between the listener and artist, as well as with Gariano’s fan base as a whole. 


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The juxtaposition of these seemingly distressed lyrics, when paired with the melodic soft sounds of Gariano’s voice and intentional string noise scattered throughout makes for an immersive four-minute experience. “Hahaha” shares many of the same soothing qualities as artists like Fiona Apple or Adam Melchor

It will be exciting to see what musical endeavors come next for Genessa Gariano. The music video for the song will be released in a few days, but if you’re interested in exploring some of Genessa’s other content check out her art account on Instagram or her website: https://www.growingpains.world.

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  1. Marisa

    I love this, thank you for sharing. The some becomes more and more a part of everyday thought and expression the more you listen to it.